Welcome to the official Nashville Ballroom Dancing website!

The purpose of this website is to inform you about everything ballroom dancing.  And hopefully once you're informed, you'll choose to take a few lessons with me! Whether or fun or for your wedding day, I help you learn a great routine and at your pace! No set formality programs like the chain studios but just great instruction at your own pace!

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Android device, you can see some of my ballroom apps that I have put together for beginners: "Ballroom Dancing Basics 1" and "Ballroom Dancing Basics 2".

Ballroom dancing is an exciting hobby that you may have seen on Dancing With the Stars. Ballroom encompasses such dancing styles as the foxtrot, bolero, waltz, Viennese waltz, rumba, tango, west cost swing, push pull swing, east coast swing, cha-cha, merenge, mambo, and salsa.

At most ballroom dancing studios, you can either come alone or come with a partner. Your first class is usually free, but after that you can expect to pay anywhere from $70-$120 a lesson depending on the studio. With me however, I always use flat rates and your class price NEVER increases! If a dance studio can't tell you how much your dance classes will be after your introductory block of lessons, then chances are it's going to be high!!! Ask questions, but know with me your lessons will never be more than $45 for a full hour. Ask other studios if they go for a full hour, 50 mins, 40 minutes...etc.

Navigate this site for more information on ballroom dancing in Nashville, TN. You can call me at any time at 1-888-808-8460 or email me at kevin@nashvillechoreography.com